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Marine and Offshore

marine-and-offshore-productsCatering for the Marine and Offshore O&G sectors, our products deliver unparalleled quality and performance that meet the demanding industrial requirements.

Mooring ropes

With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we are uniquely placed to provide excellent technical support, including guidance on the best product for a specific application. When it comes to the design, development and engineering of bespoke rope products, rest assured that our dedicated rope team has worked at the cutting edge of mooring technology for many years. Whatever the requirement, our commitment is to provide customers with a quality solution that meets individual needs.

Mooring lines

How long should a halyard, sheet or mooring line be? Below you can find some rule of thumb for rope lengths on board of your boat. These are generic guidelines and no rights can be derived from this. Make sure to crosscheck these values with the specific situation on board of your ship.

Steel wire ropes

steel-wire-ropes-rotterdam Steel wire rope plays an important role in deep-sea towing. As operating conditions and vessel size can vary widely, it is critical to select a suitable wire rope to warrant a safe and efficient passage.

Telescopic boom repair

mobile-crane-repair Discover our broad range of telescopic booms repair now, and hire the perfect company to meet your requirements!

Crane repair

Repair and manufacture of lattice booms, jibs and telescopic booms. Lattice booms and jibs supplied immediately from stock. Would you like to know what else we can assist you with?

Mobile crane repair

During the time of crane repair, we make sure that all the required measurements are met. The best materials, a correct preheat and a welding process according to the project’s, performed by certified welders.

Lattice boom repair

When a crane goes down and the booms are damaged you can bet that guy is going to figure out a way to get it repaired and back in service. This has been going on for ages. However, nowadays if you are going to get your boom repaired you need to make sure the place you take it has the proper certifications, liability insurance and probably most importantly, they give you a assured feeling.